: El Akkad’s American War, Butler’s Parable of the Sower, and Morrison’s Paradise

Scholars, for our our final project, you will write a critical reflection that looks comparatively at
the three novels we’ve read: El Akkad’s American War, Butler’s Parable of the Sower, and Morrison’s
Paradise. In this critical analysis, put the authors in dialogue with each other and reflect on how
each engages with one of our main themes this semester: race, class, history/ memory, violence/
trauma, or gender. (i.e. choose one theme and trace it in the three novels) What intersections,
contradictions, similarities, and engagements are apparent when the novels are read together? In
other words, how do the authors speak to each other in their own narrative ways? Take note of
how the authors integrate multiple socio-cultural-historical issues in their narrative strategies,
sources, and fields of study.
This explication is less formal than an essay (no intro, paragraphs, or conclusion needed) and asks
you to share your insights and observations on the literature. For this analysis, explore the novels
by looking closer not just at what you see the author doing, but at how they are doing this (i.e.,
passages and analysis).
• 2 pages single-spaced
• Due no later than 9 pm on May 22 (Uploaded to Blackboard and “Final TLC
• No extensions; send me whatever you have at this time.


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