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The film industry has been developing over time due to innovations and technological advancements. Up to this moment, much has been incorporated into the industry, starting from black and white pictures, moving pictures, the sound being put in, having colored films, among other advancements. Are there more expectations on extra advances in the industry as of today, or everything that was supposed to be in the industry is already in existence? Is there a possibility that new things will come up with time to make the industry look more attractive and presentable?


Comment 2:

I’ve been thinking a lot about this too while going through the readings. With the abundance of technology we’ve developed, it seems like by now there aren’t many more places to take film. The next advancement would probably be enhancing the realism of movies, like holograms or smell-o-vision 2.0 for a fully immersive experience. In one of the readings, I don’t remember which, the author mentioned that cinema evolves as we strip it back to its fundamentals. The core of cinema is really just moving pictures, which you can accessorize with sound or color. Personally, I’m satisfied with where we are and not expecting any other advances in the industry, if anything I think we could do with less extraneous techniques and take it back a bit to the basics.


Comment 3:

With the progress of modern social media, the film industry has become an important means of communication. A convenient and fast, a public acceptable means of artistic expression. However, due to the rapid development of the times, materialism requires immediate benefits. Film art is difficult to achieve a high level of artistic aesthetic, because it needs to face the reality of profit. Moreover, due to the diversification of media, the living space of films is gradually shrinking, the gap between commercial film quality and film market is too large, and the film market is restricted too much. Therefore, if the film can not maintain its own characteristics, it is difficult to develop in a better direction. But at the same time, in terms of technology, the emergence of 3D, 4D and 5D movies makes film content more and more realistic. In my opinion, modern technology will be used even more in the future development of the film to help the audience to have a better experience.

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