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(Please use simple words to answer)


1. Based on your readings and research of a subset of peer-reviewed journal articles published on an aspect of information technology, evaluate the results and identify at least three emerging and developing trends.

2. Critique how either quantitative analysis or qualitative analysis is applied to research in your specialty area (General IT ). Examine and comment on the appropriateness of using either method, or a combination to advance of the field of information technology.

3. Based on your analysis of scholarly literature over the past five years in the management of network technology, propose and justify at least two best practices based on your analysis.

4 Assess leadership on policymaking. Describe the importance of ethical leadership on information technology policymaking and helping to solve societal problems.

Key Concepts:

Block Chain

Big Data Analytics

Business Intelligence


Data Analytics

Data Science

Digital Divide

Enterprise Risk Management

Ethical Hacking


Global perspectives on IT issues

Leadership Models (at least 3)

Network Technology

Value Drivers


Please use simple words to answer

Use latest references

Be the equivalent of at least three (3) pages or 750 words

• Be a written essay with well-developed paragraphs to answer the prompt.

• Each essay should feature multiple paragraphs.

• As with your written papers in courses in the program, each essay should include an introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion/summary paragraph.

• Each paragraph should be fully developed with an introductory sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

• It is highly advisable to provide the reader with a thesis statement and a thesis map for each answer.

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