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You will make a minimum 10 slide PowerPoint presentation about the Emerging Technology (social media platforms) within the Fortune 500 company of your choice and how (social media) has effected their marketing strategies. Your slides should cover the following:

  • Background of the company
  • What was “life” like before social media
  • What is life “like” after social media
  • What social media platforms are they using, (a slide for each social media platform)
  • Are they using them effectively, showing the number of (Like, Follows, Mention, Hashtags,etc.)
  • Cite your references.

Upload the (ppt or pptx) file to this assignment dropbox as a file upload before the assignment due date/time.

Points Possible Critical Analysis Criteria
  • Follows the formatting and response length guidelines
  • Analysis answers the question(s) completely
  • Analysis correctly applies required concepts
  • Analysis is logical and relates to the current topic
  • Appropriate depth of analysis that demonstrates understanding of the concepts and their application
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