Enterprise Key Management


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Project 1: Requires the Following Three Pieces
1. Enterprise Key Management Plan (Eight to 10 pages)
2. Enterprise Key Management Policy (Two to Three pages)
3. Lab Experience Report with Screenshots
1. Enterprise Key Management Plan (8-10 pages)
Identify Components of Key Management
Provide a high-level, top-layer network view (diagram) of the systems in Superior Health Care
Identify data at rest, data in use, and data in motion. Identify where data are stored and how it’s accessed.
Identify areas where insecure handling may be a concern for your organization.
Identify Key Management Gaps, Risks, Solutions, and Challenges
Incorporate and cite actual gaps in key management within your key management plan.
Identify crypto attack and other risks to the cryptographic systems posed by these gaps.
Propose solutions organizations may use to address these gaps and identify necessary components of these solutions.
Identify challenges, including remedies, other organizations have faced in implementing a key management system
Provide a summary table of the information within your key management plan.
Provide Additional Considerations for the CISO
Explain the uses of encryption and the benefits of securing communications by hash functions and other types of encryption.
Evaluate and assess whether or not to incorporate file encryption full disc encryption, and partition encryption.
Discuss the benefits of using DES, triple DES, or other encryption technologies.
Describe the use and purpose of hashes and digital signatures in providing message authentication and integrity.
Explain the use of cryptography and cryptanalysis in data confidentiality.
Determine if it will be more effective to develop the SEs to perform these tasks, taking into consideration the need, cost, and benefits of adding cryptanalysts to the organization’s workforce.
Discuss alternative ways for obtaining cryptanalysis if the organization chooses not to maintain this new skilled community in-house
Explain the concepts and practices commonly used for data confidentiality: the private and public key protocol for authentication, public key infrastructure (PKI), the x.509 cryptography standard, and PKI security
Analyze Cryptographic Systems
Describe the cryptographic system, its effectiveness and efficiencies.
Provide an analysis of the trade-offs of different cryptographic systems.
Include information on Security index rating, Level of complexity, and Availability or utilization of system resources
the possible complexity and expense of implementing and operating various cryptographic ciphers
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2. Enterprise key Management Policy (2-3 pages)
Discuss Digital Certificates
Discuss different scenarios and hypothetical situations the policy should address.
Provide policy standards, guidance, and procedures that would be invoked by the enterprise key management policy using three scenarios
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