Essay 2


After Considering the content for Chapter, research Online in social media, news, public forum, etc… articles that have to do with ANY of the content from chapter. For example, you could find an online article that includes the following content from chapter: Neurological development, reflexes, brain scanning, brain damage and disorders, etc… A) provide a brief overview of the article (1 paragraph) and B) Explain how this article relates to what you have learned in the reading. For example, you find an article about disorders that are becoming more common due to poor neurocognitive development in-utero. You would A) tell me about the article and its content, then B) tell me what you know from our readings on neurocognitive processes and how the article relates to the content. This essay needs to include the following APA formatting: 12 pt font, double spacing, Cover Page, 1 page content, and a reference page (do not simply attach the hyperlink).

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