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Choose a technological innovation from the list below, using the Code of Ethics, and other scholarly sources analyze the following questions and put together a presentation for the class. This will be approximately a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation followed by 5-10 minutes for discussion. Select a technological innovation affecting health care: Stem cell research Genetics Eugenics Cloning Organ trafficking Chimeras Surrogate parenting Octo-mom, In vitro fertilization Assisted reproduction Placebo studies What are the major arguments of the proponents and opponents of this development? What ethical principles are either validated or violated by this development? What Code provisions or interpretative statements are either validated or violated by this development? What are the potential outcomes of this innovation for patients, the health care system, the costs of health care and health providers? How will the nursing practice be impacted by this development by 2025 if it is allowed to proceed? What ethical challenges will nurses face because of this development?

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