Ethical Problems in Psychology

  • Focuses on one specific point about the issue being written about
  • Uses personal experience to develop ideas; avoid research
  • Connects with the audience and establishes relevance of the topic to them
  • Demonstrates substantial revision of the Unit 4 Discussion Board post draft
  • Uses appropriate informal language, depending upon topic, audience, and purpose
  • Is organized into 3–5 well-developed paragraphs, 1–1.5 double-spaced pages
  • Utilizes transition devices to connect ideas
  • Applies Standard American English and avoids distracting grammar and punctuation errors
  • Demonstrates 6th Edition APA formatting, including title page
  • Cites any and all uses of source information (quotes, ideas, paraphrases) both in the references page and in text where the source is used

 Is it ethical to terminate a client after they cant pay  confidentiality in psychology
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