evaluate the organization’s ability to capitalize

Chapter nine discusses strategy formulation and how firms attempt to create sustainable competitive advantages. The goal is to use the organization’s resources to create value. Using the organization for which you work, apply the VRINO framework to evaluate the organization’s ability to capitalize on its resources to create value for its customers. This will be a detailed analysis. The VRINO framework was introduced in chapter one and expounded upon in chapter nine. The point of the analysis is to find the key resource that allows the company to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. The framework is applied to a single resource at a time. It is not applied across multiple resources all together.

If you work for a not-for-profit organization the application will be more difficult. You may use a prior for-profit organization for which you have worked for the application.

The Initial Post is your opportunity to demonstrate your depth of understanding of the assigned chapters and your research. I’m looking for a cohesive argument based on evidence! It’s not your opinion but your ability to formulate a coherent argument based on evidence that matters in the post.

Initial Posts . At a minimum the post should exceed  1000 words (only including the body of the post), use APA citation guidelines based on the 7th edition of APA, and include at least two outside, academic (journal articles) sources in addition to the textbook.


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