Evaluation of marginalized women paper (women with HIV)

Introduction with a clear presentation of the marginalized group as well as significance and a scholarly overview of the paper. (scholarly resources publication less than five years)
Background of the marginalized group/problem including description, current incidence and/or prevalence statistics current state (Florida), local (Miami) and national statistics (USA) pertaining to the problem.
Discuss the economic aspects of the marginalized group
Discuss social justice and its relationship to health disparities and health care of marginalized group.
Discuss ethical issues on marginalized group
Provide a brief plan of how you will address this marginalized group in your practice once you are finished with school (Nurse practitioner). Provide three actions you will take along with how you will measure outcomes of your actions.
Conclude in a clear manner with a brief overview of key points of the entire problem

the full instructions with rubrics)


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