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[I will tell u how to log in to the Canvas]

Tell us about at least one fun activity you are looking forward to or you attended this quarter.

Below are the deets:

  1. Visit the Student Activities site in Canvas (listed on your Dashboard or the Courses icon (just below dashboard icon)
  2. Screenshot the fun activity or event you attended or plan to attend
  3. Post discussion about the event – why you attended; something interesting learned; connected with someone new; etc.


Book – Module 12: Analyzing Data with PivotTables

answer is in the MindTap , you only need to do Ex 12-1


Your assignment for this and next week is Module 12: Analyzing Data with PivotTables. What we cover today is not in your textbook, but you will need to have read Module 12 and completed the Skills Review in the textbook prior to viewing this video in order to understand it

Create a PivotTable from raw data. Then, we are going to manipulate the PivotTable in order to analyze the data and answer some questions.

This assignment is one that will set you apart in interviews, especially if the interview process includes Excel testing. To assess skill level, many companies ask candidates to complete an Excel quiz, often in an interface very similar to MindTap, and maybe complete a report, like a course assignment.

We have had many alumni reach out and express how companies are impressed with their Excel skills. One ambitious student sought more table and PivotTable practice (let me know if you’re interested) and when they completed the Excel test during interview the company asked if an assistant job would be to low for someone with such advanced Excel skills!

PivotTables are a fun and valuable way to find trends and relationships in data. And you can easily visually communicate your significant findings with PivotTable Charts to create reports your boss will value and enjoy!

PivotTable_Instructions and Raw Data.xlsx ( I will download in the files)


  • When working on course assignments your number one priority is following directions, this is what you will be graded on. Following directions will achieve the SLOs.

✏️ Student Learning Outcomes

    1. Demonstrate competency in using spreadsheet technology (Excel) entering appropriate retail math formulas.
    2. Exhibit strong information literacy skills by looking up values in a table.
    3. Show expertise in planning and executing a macro to maintain table data.
    4. Demonstrate technical proficiency by enhancing charts to improve the user’s understating of the information displayed.
    5. Combine strong critical thinking skills with information literacy by using the data in PivotTables to make decisions.

    4th:Do quiz #5, answer in the files too, named” Mrch 2860 Allocation Sales Index _ LY Answers.xlsx”


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