Explain his argument, and criticise where appropriate.

In the dialogue ” crito” beginning on page 106, Socrates argues that he should not escape from prison. pull out the main argument he gives in his selection, section 49a, pg. 109, though section 52d, pg. 111

Try to clarify his argument down to a series of simple statement statement ( like we did for Socrates’ arguments in the apology) then explain more fully what each means and implies. your criticism should most likely consist of a counter-example to one of the premises of his argument. show how it fits the principle he proposes, but doesn’t give the answer he think it does.for example if you claimed that a chair is a thing with four legs, then both rocking chair and zebra would be counter-examples; the rocking chair because it is a chair but doesn’t have four legs, the zebra because it has four legs but isn’t a chair

Approximately 1.5/2.5 of your paper should be spent setting out his argument and explaining it, the remaining part offering criticism and counter-examples.


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