Explain the Health Belief Model OR the Transtheoretical Model.

Each answer should be at least 1-2 paragraphs in length for full credit.

1. Explain the Health Belief Model OR the Transtheoretical Model. Take us through an example of a health change that one of your patients faced. Were you able to be of assistance to your patient? How?

2. The home visit is the hallmark of nursing in home health and hospice. When a nurse enters a client’s home, he or she is a guest and must recognize that the services offered can be accepted or rejected. The first visit sets the stage for success or failure. The initial assessment of the client, the support system, and the environment are critical.

A. What strategies would the nurse consider to develop a trusting relationship during the first visit?

B. What would be the most important elements to assess in the home environment?

C. How does the nurse assess learning style?

Feel free to share personal experience if you’ve done home visits.

3. Today evidence-based research is used in planning community programs. Go to The Community Guide website and choose a topic, then choose an intervention. Summarize the findings of that intervention. Can you see this program working in your community or workplace? Why or why not? https://www.thecommunityguide.org

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