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Specifically, in your paper you need to respond to the following challenge:   Based on your analyzed application of at least three criminological theories studied so far (that is, use at least three theories to argue your case with), explain whether criminals are made or born. If in the alternative you argue that there some criminals who are born whereas others are made, explain why and how your selected theories support your position and provide examples evidencing your point(s).   Akers, R., Sellers, C., & Jennings, W. (2017). Criminological Theories: Introduction, evaluation, and application. Oxford University Press: New York. NY.   Criminal Theory Deterrence and Rational Choice Theories ·       Psychological Theories ·       Biological and Biosocial Theories ·       Social Bonding and Control Theories ·       Social Learning Theory ·       Labeling and Reintegrative Shaming Theory ·       Social Disorganizations Theory   Hint with Citations: Every statement that you make in your paper through which you claim (1) facts that you did not witness; or (2) is based on data that cannot be considered as common knowledge information (i.e. Rudy Giuliani was NYC’s mayor during the 9/11 attacks) needs to be supported by scholarly sources.

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