Explain why the example is an appropriate illustration of your concept

Our second topic this week is attraction and relationships. This is something that many of us have a lot of experience with and we see it all around us in the media we are exposed to.

For this week’s writing assignment, you will analyze portrayals of attraction in the media.

To begin, select a media source – TV show, movie, or song – that demonstrates elements of attraction.
In your written response, you must identify THREE concepts from Chapter 8 (Links to an external site.) that appear in your selection.
You may choose to analyze more than one source to capture all THREE concepts if desired but cannot analyze the SAME concept in more than one source.
You need to:

Provide an explanation of the concept in your own words
Provide an example from your chosen source
Explain why the example is an appropriate illustration of your concept
For example, let’s say you pick the concept of similarity and analyze the TV show Saved by the Bell. You should first explain how similarity is thought to influence attraction in your own words. Next, briefly describe a relevant scene or relationship from the show, making sure to explain how this example demonstrates the concept: Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski are both popular and good looking students in high school. Because they share these similarities, they are likely to be interested in each other and in fact flirt and/or date in many episodes.

**This is just a brief example, your three concepts should be explained in more detail.*


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