Fictional Talent Show

Contestant’s Point of View

Even though Alex was an excellent player, he knew about the consequences of his actions. He had seen her sister grow into a responsible woman who inspired many people with her charisma. Not only was Bella hardworking but also, she was a critical thinker who could resolve issues affecting other people with ease. At one time, she developed a concept that had helped her village overcome a problem with waste, which made her popular in the neighborhood. Young people were told by their parents to be like her and especially girls because of her ability to rise beyond the confines of the patriarchal system.

Alex wondered how her sister Bella could achieve all this at a young age. One day, he came home tired and fell asleep on the couch. In a dream, which he later narrated to the rest of their family, Alex described how difficult it was to be like Bella. While his family could not comprehend his point of view, Alex narrated how Bella was a strong woman who had managed to conquer challenges associated with gender. Succeeding in a male-dominated world was not an easy task but a daunting one that proved her ability to overcome challenges in her immediate environment.

By stepping into her world, Alex began to appreciate Bella’s contribution towards humanity despite the settings that had been put in place to achieve her objectives. In one instance, Alex has to deal with the theories that view women as lesser human beings because of their gender. However, he now understands what Bella goes through to discover her potential and accomplish goals. Despite the social standards, she still thrives and overcomes problems that hinder her from realizing her potential.

Stranger’s Perspective

Dealing with stereotypes is an aspect that determines an individual’s ability to realize their desired objectives and rise beyond the conflicts that exist in the world today. Alex has always viewed women from the patriarchal perspective, an aspect that compels him to believe that women are inferior in the corporate world. Even when working under a female corporate executive, Alex expects mistakes to be made because of her poor decision-making skills, compared to male leaders. From this realization, Alex undermines any female activity because of their views towards life. Even though he still believes women have a chance to redeem themselves, his ilk does nothing to recognize the efforts of people such as Bella, who overcome all odds to conquer the world.

In many instances, women encounter various challenges that distract them from realizing their desired potential. Despite these issues, women succeed in their activities, which allow them to compete alongside men who have minimal distractions that interfere with their process of discovering problems in their surroundings. In this regard, Bella, who appeared as a stranger in Alex’s dream, enabled him to appreciate what women, such as his sister had managed to achieve despite the society’s inability to realize problems that affected their ability to achieve their desired objectives.

If asked to be like the stranger in the dream, Alex would turn down the offer because of the many expectations that are pegged on women when executing any activity in the world today. Despite the ability of individuals to discover their objectives, one should realize various issues that focus on improving outcomes instead of neglecting their ability to be productive in the workplace and beyond. Likewise, men should support women and vice versa to create a natural ecosystem that appreciates input from various individuals concerning the outcomes that should be generated at any given time.


While watching a talent show on Alex and Bella, who appears in his dream as a stranger, the audience makes informed decisions regarding the approaches that should be used to realize problems affecting individuals in their immediate environment. The modern world is a reflection of people’s activities and their ability to coexist in an ecosystem that favors one gender at the expense of the other. From this observation, the audience realizes Alex’s turning point and appreciate his decision to respect women because of their ability to thrive amidst the numerous challenges.

At the point of watching the show and making any decisions, the audience is expected to have certain expectations, which are balanced through thematic concerns and previews, which offer a glimpse of what the show will entail. In this regard, the audience is allowed to create a mental image of what the show will focus on and how it will offer solutions to problems affecting women in the world today. Given the nature of individuals, the talent show portrays Alex from a patriarchal perspective, where he can view women such as Bella from a fixed point of view where he cannot realize any efforts from the opposite gender. On its part, the audience is expected to participate in the production by raising any conflicts with the arguments made by the narrator concerning the best approach that should be used to solve problems.

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