Filling out worksheets for the attached articles


I’m writing a research paper about Gratitude and my proposal was the following: Gratitude can be defined as the way of appreciating the good deeds or services rendered to us by other people. It can also be described as the general principles of Thanksgiving. The current generation that issue of materialism has been on the raise. This is attributed to the fact that many youth have developed urge for materialistic possession, which has played a major role in negatively affecting their social behaviors and eventually affecting their academic performances. Another major concern that is rising from the current trends is the marketing strategies that seem to be silently and unknowingly influencing the consumers of the content especially the youths to embrace the materialistic values, which end up having adverse effects on their happiness and even health.Massive advertisements on television set, radios, and other social media has been considered to be among the cause of materialistic perception among the youths. This is because the more various commodities are advertised, the more the desires of possessing such items continue to build up among the youths making them to be materialistic. Despite the fact that this behavior can be control through restriction, it is not easy.However, not all hope is lost. Encouraging gratitude among the youths is proving to work against materialism. Being grateful for what they have helps them on focusing less on acquiring what they do not have. Besides the television and social media advertisement restriction, fostering the art gratitude is the most effective and reliable way of handling this problem. Please read the proposal and the 3 attached articles and WHAT I NEED YOU TO DO IS TO fill out a worksheet for each of the attached articles.

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