PLEASE DO NOT number your responses, but write them in paragraph form and incorporate the answers to these questions into your paragraphs. Your paragraphs should flow together to make up a professionally written paper 3-5 pages in length.
What did you learn from this movie other than from the character of Coach White?
Read the article:
Why do you think that the scriptwriters changed many of the facts on Coach White and other items for the movie? What do you think about the changes they made?

What do you believe the boys learned from their experience running for the McFarland High School Cross-Country Team?

This movie has been criticized as being another in the long line of “White Savior” movies, in which minorities benefit from the intervention of whites. What is your reaction to this criticism?

Describe three major lessons that the filmmakers were trying to impart through this story: one relating to the students, one relating to the coach, and one relating to the United States as a whole.

What are the greatest takeaways for you as a future physical education teacher after watching and reflecting on this film?

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