Final Reflection


Part I I’m hoping that this class has taught you to approach a short story, a poem, or a play in a new way and to pay attention to features you might not have before. If you are given a piece of literature to read, do you approach it in some way differently than in the past? If so, how? In general, what have you learned that you can put to use in the future when studying or enjoying literature? Your answer to this part should be at least a paragraph (8-10 sentences) long. Part II: In this part, I’d like you to reflect on this statement (also one of the outcomes for this class): Reading literature helps us to better understand ourselves, other people, and the world around us. Think about the literary works you’ve read (from any of the sections: fiction, poetry, drama) and the impact those works have had on you. In what way have they touched you? What insight into yourself, other people, or the world/society around you did you gain from them? Or what important value/s were you reminded of while reading the works? Choose two works from our text and analyze how they relate to the statement about literature helping us to better understand ourselves, others, and the world around us. Note: The works you choose should not be the same as the ones you used for the Fiction analysis and Poetry analysis essays. Support the main points you’re making with at least four pieces of textual evidence (actual lines/passages from your chosen works). _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The document you submit to Assignments should be at least two pages long, double spaced. This time around, you don’t have to have an introduction or a conclusion, unless you choose to (but don’t include those parts just for the sake of filling space – if you choose to write an intro and a conclusion, they should be purposeful). Plan the reflection so it’s well organized, detailed, and free of errors. This final reflection is worth 50 points. The points you’ll receive are based on the following criteria: Did you answer both parts of the assignment? (10 points) Did you write at least two pages, double spaced? (10 points) Is your reflection well organized? Do ideas connect well to each other? (10 points) Do you support your points fully, so they are easy to understand? Are you using at least four pieces of textual evidence in the second part? In general, are you making a clear connection between the two literary works you chose and the prompt (about reading literature contributing to a better understanding of ourselves + the world around us)? (15 points) Did you proofread the document, so it’s free of spelling and grammar errors? (5 points)

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