Financial Action Task Force Typologies and Emerging Trends Questions Assignments | Custom Essay Services

  1. What are typologies? Why do you believe they are key components of the FATF’s mission? See and go to “All Publications.” What typologies have been noted and discussed by FATF since the FATF 2005 Typologies Report? Current and past INCSR Reports are also good sources of typologies and ml methods. See also and
  2. Discuss the ways in which Alternative Remittance Systems (ARS) are exploited for money laundering and terrorist financing.
  3. What does the growth in the number of typologies reports indicate about the complex evolution of money laundering and financial crimes and the effectiveness of the responses of the regulators, law enforcement and governments????

Emerging Trends

  1. FINTRAC’s report on Typologies noted what two predicate activities as dominant in ML?
  2. Discuss the three ways the FATF states NPMs are being misused. Note the FATF Report on NPMs.
  3. Why are NPMs sold outside of the traditional AML system a serious vulnerability?
  4. Give an example of trade-based ML. Note the FATF Reports on TBML. Why were governments so slow in responding to the threats of TBML???
  5. Discuss Person-to-Person (P2P) as an emerging trend in ML.
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