Financial Measures Template


Weekly Financial Analysis Financial Analysis is a comparative process. These numbers on their own do not always have a lot of meaning on their own. For example, Cumulative Profits has meaning on its own, but it has greater meaning when compared against the competition or when looking at your own trends over time. Your analysis in Week 1 of the Practice Rounds or Competition Rounds will have to be made against the other 5 companies. After that, consider your trends over time as well as the other companies. Scoring Week 1 – Practice Industry Weeks 2-7 – Competition Industry Completing the Financial Measures Template accurately 2 points 1 point Defining and Describing a Financial Measure 4 points 2 points Define & Describe a Financial Measure Select a different financial measure (from the table above) for each round and write one to two paragraphs describing: • how that financial measure is created (e.g. ROS=Profit/Sales) and cite your source and include References (25% of grade), • what this measure tells a firm about its performance (25% of grade), and • how your company’s performance in CAPSIM on that particular measurement compares with the competition and over time (50% of grade). • Note: there are a total of nine templates to complete, but only eight financial measures. For Round 8 in Week 7, please select one of the other financial measures from the Courier or Annual Report that you are interested in learning more about. Details for each measure can be found under in CAPSIM under Reports, Industry Reports and then Capstone® Courier. You may also wish to review Reports, Debrief Reports, and then any of the available reports. You can also find supplemental analysis for each Round by going to Reports, Debrief Reports, Debrief, and then Round Analysis.

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