Four marketing questions discussion posts

1) Think about a product category where you have a high knowledge of the various brands. Pick one of the major brands. Discuss the characteristics the brand would want for a brand advocate, ambassador, or evangelist. What type of offers would it take from the company to create a strong brand ambassador? Discuss each of the stages of buzz marketing as it relates the brand you identified. Which stage is the brand in now? Justify your answer. Discuss each of the preconditions of buzz marketing as it relates to your chosen brand.

2) Consider a recent purchase you made at the recommendation of someone else. Why did you trust that person’s recommendation? How important is the recommendation of others in your purchase decisions?

3) Discuss the difference between buzz marketing and stealth marketing. If you were hired as a marketing manager for a local business, would you support a stealth marketing campaign? Why or why not?

4) Explain the difference between product placement and branded entertainment. Do you personally notice product placements in television shows or movies? Why or why not? Identify the factors that make product placement or branded entertainment successful for a brand.

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