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Through our studies this quarter, we find that developing a culturally competent organization is a continuous and evolving process. This discussion asks you to anticipate future trends and new challenges.

Consider and respond to the following questions:

  • How important are cultural and linguistic competencies to achieving DHHS Healthy People 2010 goal, “eliminate health disparities”? Talk about several of the disparities mentioned in this report.
  • What changes or impacts do you envision with future regulatory environments in health care?
  • As a health care leader, what twenty-first century workforce skills do you anticipate will be necessary to deliver quality health care to meet the shifting patient demographics?
  • Describe the importance of understanding stakeholders such as  individuals, groups, and communities?
  • As a learner having almost completed this course, what one major change do you anticipate? How will it affect effective communication or the care continuum?
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