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For this assignment I want you to generate test steps from the system requirements you derived for assignment 5.4.  These test steps are to be performed by a trained tester on the development team, so you can assume the person will know how to use the application and review data items, etc.

Each requirement may yield one or more tests.  Your assignment is to produce 25 tests.  Here is the format I want.  Please follow this format. Points will be deducted if you don’t follow this format.

Requirement: <Requirement number> derived from <User Story number>
<Full text of the requirement>
Test #1:
<Series of numbered steps to perform this test>
<If this requirement has multiple tests, then include the second test immediately below the first>
Test #2:
<Series of numbered steps to perform this test>

Here is a specific example of what I am looking for:
Requirement: #1 derived from User Story #1
The system shall record the wind speed for each satellite box.
Test #1:
1.  Retrieve the data from a satellite box.
2.  Parse the data into the various data elements received from that box.
3.  Confirm that the data includes wind speed information.
Test #2:
1.  Review the data from adjacent satellite boxes, extracting the wind speed for each box.
2.  Compare the wind speeds.  The expectation is that wind speeds of adjacent boxes should be similar.
3.  If the wind speeds are not close, then consult the meteorologist Subject Mater Expert (SME) to confirm the results.


You are required to produce a total of 25 tests.  You may produce as many as you can justify from each requirement.  If you have requirements that can’t be tested, then this is an indication that these are bad requirements.  If you need to modify a requirement from assignment 5.4 or come up with a new requirement, you may do so, you just have to identify that you have done so for that requirement.


I am attaching the document of Assignment 5.4 which the professor mentioned.



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