Give a response/feedback to the discussion post below.

Give a response/feedback to the discussion post below. Be sure to provide substantive responses to help your peers build on their learning. Reference any relevant assigned readings, additional resources, or professional literature to support your response.

I am interested in the practioner-scholar role because I believe it will help better understand how to work with criminals or people who are struggling to find their way. I’ve always been interested in working in the criminology field but I want to take it a step further to better understand the way criminals think. I believe it is important to be able to research and study the mind. It is important to learn new ways of being effective and to conceptualize your work in relation to broader organizational, community, political and cultural contexts. (McClintock, 2004)

The articulating your purpose activity helped me narrow down what I wanted to do with my degree. As stated earlier I knew that I wanted to use my degree to better understand criminals but the activity helped me by breaking down each aspect of my purpose. The activity helped me decide which specific group of people that I wanted to impact. It helped me narrow down exactly which areas of Psychology that I was interested in. The area that I believe the activity helped me with the most is the setting in which I wanted to impact within. The activity helped me learn that I wanted to better understand the criminal mind while working in a clinical setting (Capella, 2020).

Being a practitioner-scholar requires a lot of time and dedication to the field of study that you have chosen. It has not been settled on a single specification for what a scholar practioner should but the areas of competence should be diverse and include depth in discipline. (McClintock, 2004). One thing that I have learned that I need to work on is my time management skills. I need to work on better managing my time. I need to set out a plan and dedicate certain hours and days to complete my education.

Having a code of conduct set in play is very important for ensuring that the work that is completed is of your own and not plagiarized. Code of Conduct is set in motion no matter where you work or go to school. A code of conduct is a set of rules that are laid out for you describing what is expected of you. A code of conduct is not the same everywhere you go and that is what makes it unique. I think it is important that a code of conduct is always followed and taken seriously. I will always adhere to any code of conduct that I must follow


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