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This individual paper is meant to demonstrate your ability to connect the Glo-Bus simulation with the teachings of the class.

In this reflection paper you will be asked to analyze your team’s strategy for the game and reflect on the lessons learned.

Please address the following questions as you prepare your reflection paper:

Select and analyze two management functions of your company (e.g. Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Corporate Compliance/Ethics). Reflect on the results and the mistakes made. In hindsight, what would you have done differently? What prevented you from pursuing a different strategy?

What did you learn about working with a team through this simulation? What did you you learn that will help you in your work environment?

Your reflection paper should be about 1500 words in length.

In composing your paper, consider the following rubric:

A papers make compelling analytical connections between the simulation and the concepts covered in the course. These papers follow a focused, coherent purpose and are written in perfect academic style with no errors in grammar or spelling.

B papers make coherent points about the simulation and how it connects with the concepts covered in the course. These papers are well focused and are generally well proofread and edited for academic style.

C papers make a number of disconnected points about the simulation, with an unsupportivereference of the concepts covered in the course. They demonstrate approximately correct proofreading and editing for academic style.

D papers make disconnected and incoherent points.

D-level papers are substantially shorter than 750 words and show poor proofreading and editing for style.


MGT4850 Northeastern University Glo Bus Simulation Outcomes Reflection Paper
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