Gratitude reflection


write a personal reflection of how our focus on gratitude has affected you. In other words, on a personal level, what are you taking away from our class’s focus on gratitiude? I need reflection for what I wrote, I will post it here, Dear Morris, Without a doubt, reflecting on the person’s kindness has a significant effect on the way I feel. First of all, the reflection increases my happiness, making me stay joyful most of my time. However, few people have a generous heart, and, as a result, assisting others can bring joy and hope to them. The main impact associated with the feeling of experience from the person’s kindness on me is that it makes me feel happy and hopeful. In fact, his generosity evokes some emotional feelings, which might force me to assist others in the future. Due to the kindness of the person, I perceive life from a positive point of view. However, I feel appreciated by the people around me since they can decide to assist in various issues due to love. Rather than just improving my overall heart health, it increases my self-esteem and optimism. In a social situation, self-esteem and confidence assist me to remain calm in an anxious position. Without a doubt, reflecting on the person’s generosity is vital for my health and behavioral condition. Most important to note, self-esteem assists me to regulate my behavior while interacting with other individuals. With a feeling that others can appreciate me, I cannot avoid helping others because kind people motivate me. Besides all, reflecting on the kindness motivates me to deal with adversity while creating a strong relationship with people. However, getting essential assistance motivates me to struggle and deal with my issues without fear. Once I think of the person’s kindness, I develop a strong feeling of kindness. As a result, there is no doubt that being generous can be helpful to other individuals. I am writing to pass my appreciation for your support during my family emergency. When my parents got involved in a grisly road accident, you were there for me. You covered by workload every time I was away from work, taking care of my siblings and visiting my parents in the hospital. That was kind of you, friend, and for that, I am deeply thankful. Besides, thank you for the times you checked in on me. It was a trying period. A moment I felt overwhelmed by everything that was happening around. However, knowing that you had my back allowed me to concentrate on my family’s needs, which is a kindness I will never forget. You are being there often helped me share my problems and worries, and this relieved my stress somehow. You would accompany me to the hospital whenever you were free and some other times keeping us company together with my siblings. Such went a long way to console them and help them reduce worries over our ailing parents. Your presence meant a lot to us. I cannot forget your kind deed of financially supporting my family. The medical bill that accrued for the one and a half months that my parents were in hospital was huge. Being from an average family, it was a burden for us. I remember the day you approached me and asked if we could organize and plan for a mini-fundraising ceremony that would help us raise some funds to cater for the bill. Such was a noble idea, and I remember how you aided in the planning until it was conducted. Fortunately, we raised enough money to settle the bill entirely. I appreciate everything you did more than you will ever know. Thank you so much,

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