Guidelines for community health paper assignment

Pages: up to 20 pages, double space, using APA format
Draft due on week 7 for guidance (not mandatory)
Final paper due week 9; mandatory to pass course, Submission through Turnitin
Resources: Any resources provided in the course shell. Journals and research articles appreciated at least 2 each must be used.
Outline format and rubric
Cover page with title

Part I: Introduction: 20 points

 Identify your population, choose a model for your population
• Reason for choosing population, general narrative, reference regarding subject
• Epidemiology, community survey, supportive data
• Goals/aim/purpose

Part II Core information: 20 points

• Population needs assessment: techniques used, tools/framework
• Priority health issues; reference
• Process, research (primary, secondary data)
• Data analysis and comparison, issues of concerns

Part III post assessment Action plan: 20 points

• Health program planning development; PDCA format
• Interventions (3 total) primary/secondary/ tertiary
• Promotion, outreach, awareness

Part IV Consideration: 20 points

• Current public health policies
• Determinants of health
• Ethical dilemmas or considerations
• Cultural characteristics
• Analysis and comparison to general population

Part V Public health considerations: 20 points

• Closing argument
• Anticipation of new/revised health policy needs
• Informed decision for future plan
• Community health nurse anticipatory guidance
• Lessons learned/ personal thoughts

Do not do everything.
Do Part 11 and part 111 only

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