Hamlet’s second soliloquy, the famous “To be or not to be” speech

Quetion 1 : What is the subject of Hamlet’s second soliloquy, the famous “To be or not to be” speech?

Question 2: Why is he so cruel to Ophelia immediately thereafter?

Question 3: Based on what you’ve seen in III.iv, do you think Gertrude knew about the murder?

Question 4: What kind of a King is Claudius? What evidence shows the kind of monarch he is and the kind of man he is? Is this his appearance, or is it his true character?

Question 5: Explain the effect Hamlet’s ideas of sin and salvation have on the development of his character and the movement of the plot.

Question 6: Find an article on Hamlet and review it. You should use this to help find a secondary source article to support your argument for your paper. Find an article that fits best with your thesis or line of thinking, and review it.

Some information that should be included:

1) Summarize the article

2) Include quotes from the article that you will use in your final paper.

3) Discuss the relevance of the article to your final paper and Hamlet as a whole.



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