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Read the problems below, and record your answers in a Word document. Be sure to show your work!

  • Questions 1 and 2: You must prepare 400mL of a solution that requires a 1:8 concentration of drug. Sterile water is the diluent you should use.

    How much drug do you need for this medication?

    How much diluent do you need?

  • Question 3: If V2 = 200mL, C1=80%, and C2=50%; what is V1?

    Calculate the volume.

  • Question 4: A solution of ibuprofen contains 150g in 800mL.

    What is the percent strength of this solution?

  • Question 5: The hospital pharmacy receives an order for morphine sulfate ¼ gr IM stat. The concentration on hand is 10mg per mL.

    How many mL is needed for the dose?

  • Question 6: A 1L bag of Normal Saline must infuse over 6 hours using tubing calibrated to deliver 20gtts/mL.

    How many drops per minute should be infused?

  • Question 7: A 1L solution containing 25,000 units of heparin must run at 30mL/hr.

    How much heparin is administered per hour?

  • Questions 8-10: A physician orders penicillin 525,000 units q4h for a child who weighs 55 lbs. The recommended dosage is 100,000 – 250,000 units/kg/day in six divided doses. The pharmacy stocks the 200,000 units/mL concentration.

    What is the child’s weight in kg?

    What is the safe daily dosage range for this child?

    Is the ordered dose safe?

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