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Please write a 3 page script for the video I will record. Please check the last 2 pages of the syllabus for the rubric of the assignment.  Here is the instructions: Video Presentation on Healthcare Reform. Prepare an eight (8)-12-minute video slides presentation on how health care in the United States should be organized and financed to (a) provide universal insurance coverage, (b) improve quality and population health status, and (c) decrease the inflation rate for healthcare spending.  You do not need to provide “background” or “history” in your presentation.  Still, you must defend your preferred way of organizing and financing healthcare using source material from subject-matter experts.  Do not use Wikipedia or social media sources for this purpose. You may use any video screen recording software you have access to, and you may search our university and other websites for access to low-cost or free video/screen recording software applications.  Free applications are available from Microsoft and Apple, Inc. for Windows and MAC.   Most importantly, your live video image (and voice) shown presenting must appear in at least 60 seconds of your video. Your voice only must be used throughout your video presentation. Non-compliance with this requirement will disqualify your submission and you will receive zero points for this assignment. Post your video on YOUTUBE or other cloud service that allows you to share links, except for Google.  (e.g., Box or Dropbox).  AGAIN, DO NOT USE GOOGLE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT.

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