healthcare insurance for people who are 65 years or older

Healthcare policy in the country that I identified is Medicare. Medicare is one of the most significant healthcare policies in the country and was created in 1966 to address the needs of specific populations in society. Medicare was developed to address healthcare insurance for people who are 65 years or older. At that age, many people usually have retired and have no stable source of income. Due to this, many have issues trying to pay for healthcare insurance, as is required by the providers. When this happens, the elderly is exposed to poor access to healthcare services, and this can affect their welfare and well-being (Feldman, H. R., Alexander, G. R., & Greenberg, M. J., 2011). The elderly also suffers from many health conditions. Having medical insurance always ensures that their healthcare needs are safeguarded, or they are guaranteed to have access to quality care.

There is a lot of evidence that can be used as a base to support the policy. One of the main pieces of evidence is since the elderly tends to fall ill more often than other people (Mason-Whitehead, E., 2015). Elderly people have frail bodies and weak immune systems. Due to this, they require medical services to improve their health and increase their life expectancy. Elderly people also tend to be more affected by chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure (Mason-Whitehead, 2015). Such conditions mean that they always require access to healthcare services, unlike people of other ages. When one does not have medical insurance, they may find it difficult to access medical care due to the high cost. The aim of Medicare is to ensure that the elderly have improved access to quality care. Doing this is essential as it helps the population lead healthy and meaningful lives.



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This was the discussion question that I answered the above

Details: Discuss how you could become involved and attempt to make a positive impact related to the passage of the bill you support.
Good day professor
Presently Medicare is separated into parts A, B, C, D with every sub section having different services and payment structure (Milstead & Short, 2019). The Kaiser Family Foundation published a 2017 study showing a breakdown of Medicare spending across all four parts amounting to $688 billion. In response your question I would attempt to positively impact Medicare by proposing a bill that would reduce spending which would also lower tax-payer’s contributions. I would advocate and campaign Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to redo the way payments and continue to push for expand site-neutral payment in Medicare. Presently inpatient admissions pay’s more to the hospitals than an observation patient of outpatient services (Adler, Loera-Brust, Fiedler, Ginsburg, & Palmisano, 2018). If that proposal is passed where everyone gets paid the one flat rate. Once it is established that the rates are set it is my opinion that patient care would be more comprehensive and not as fragmented as it is presently. As an example, if you visit the emergency room a Urinary tract infection and you are complaining about your chronic leg pain that often gets ignored because that was not why you are admitted.
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