History of the United States since 1865


Final exam essay The text, America: A Narrative History, Volume 2, by David Emory Shi, is divided into Chapter 16, “The Era of Reconstruction, 1865-1877,” and then three major parts – Part Five / Growing Pains Part Six / Modern America Part Seven / The American Age MUST HAVE BOOK!!!!!! This division comprises Chapters 16 through 32 *YOUR TASK FOR THE FINAL EXAM IS TO FIND A RECURRING EXAMPLE OF THE COURSE THEME THROUGH THE THREE MAJOR “PARTS” OF THE TEXT, TO DO SO IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, AND TO DEMONSTRATE ITS CONTINUAL REAPPEARANCE – AND WHY- IN SHORT-ESSAY FORM.*!!!!!!!! *The course theme revolves around the tendency in American history to centralize authority into one person, group, or entity, and a countervailing tendency to resist or decentralize that same authority through the efforts of opposing persons, groups, or entities.* Be clear! In the assignment you may use only the three Parts of the course text, and you cannot use Chapter 16. Remain disinterested in your subject matter. Stay cold, rational, and analytical. Do not show your “feelings on the matter.” To help out, I would search back through readings in the text for historical episodes that resembled the course theme, and that appealed to me. So, having a fondness for the particular topic of intellectual history, I would start looking for such events and where they coincide with the course theme as well. Then, I would limit those incidents to three – one each from the three Parts in Shi – and do so chronologically. Finally, I would argue the points in the essay as requested in the fourth bullet point above. REMEMBER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A RECURRING EXAMPLE OF THE COURSE THEME, NOT THREE SEPARATE EXAMPLES OF SAID THESIS. The citation guidelines for the short essay is that the citation will come before the period of the last sentence in the conclusion paragraph. Again, there is no need for a works cited list.

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