How are your values affected by societal perceptions, and by personal perceptions?

for this assignment you will complete topic 1,2,3 .You also need the book Berns, R. M. (2016). Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization, and Support. United States: Thomson/Wadsworth publishing. I don’t have the book We are on Chapter 11 please include intext citations,apa style and references.

Ch. 11. We can be influenced by various socialization agents (family, school, child care, mass media, and community). These influences impact how we feel about ourselves and our world.

Be sure to support your discussion with specific textbook information.

I have included 3 topics discuss all 3 topics.

Topic 1: Things value in life

-List 10 things you value in life.

-How are your values affected by societal perceptions, and by personal perceptions?

-How are the values, attitudes, and behavior related?

Topic 2- Influences

– What role do significant socialization agents play in influencing children’s attitudes toward those who are similar and those who are different?

-What do socialization agents influence the development of self-esteem?

Topic 3- Prejudice

Can the prejudicial attitude be changed? Provide a specific explanation with examples when appropriate.


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