How can a business manage poor performance in the workplace?

Subject – Develop and implement a business plan
Question 1
What are three reasons why an organisation should review their strategic, business and operational plans?
Question 2
Why are Vision, Mission, Value Statements and Objectives so important in a business?
Question 4
What are three methods that could be used to consult with key stakeholders?
Question 5
What are two examples of key questions about your products or services?
Question 6
Why do you need to have a customer profile?
Question 7
Why are Demographics so important when compiling a customer profile?
Question 8
Why should you conduct Price testing?
Question 10
Why is strategic planning to identify resource requirements important?
Question 11
What role do Human Resources play in a business?
Question 12
Who, or what, would you need to check with when setting up an ABN or getting a TFN?
Question 13
What is the role of a Business Plan?
Question 14
What are four tips for writing your business plan?
Question 15
Why do you need to communicate a business plan?
Question 16
Why is having a skilled workforce essential?
Question 18
What do Lag and Lead indicators tell you about a business?
Question 19
Why should a business owner monitor financial performance indicators?
Question 22
How can a business manage poor performance in the workplace?
Question 23
What are the benefits of performance reviews?

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