How can I interpret the play or some specific aspect of it?

Your drama paper will focus on themes/symbolism/characters/setting/plot or other aspects of Hamlet. This play is rife with themes and symbolism. Ask yourself – why do the chracters act this way? What intention did Shakespeare have – what message is he sending? How can I interpret the play or some specific aspect of it? Please remember to follow MLA Format and use appropriate secondary sources.

Drama – (3pgs) – The student will choose one of the plays discussed in class and write about the themes, ideas, or staging of that play.

Paper example is on page 796. The student will use quotes from the play to prove their point.


– Thesis as required in papers above.

– 3 pages length w/ additional works cited page

– 4-6 quotes from primary source (our text)

– 1-2 secondary sources required and should be quoted in the essay.

1) Your thesis (which is a clear and original point about the reading) should be in the opening paragraph. Please make sure to put it there, especially in a paper of this length. If you don’t, your point rarely becomes clear later.

2) Please quote properly. When you don’t, it ruins the flow of your paper considerably and it makes it very awkward to read. You can refer to my MLA Format sheet about quoting, and I will post the portion from that at the end of this module.

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