How detrimental do you feel the pharmacological effects of this substance are on the brain?

Pharmacology of Drugs of abuse / Reaction Paper 3
Be sure to follow all directions and complete all activities in order to receive credit for this Lesson.
* Complete the Discussion Board assignment
Pharmacology is the science of how drugs affect the brain. Illicit drugs have a myriad of negative effects on the the brain, central nervous system, and other neurological, and biological functions. In this lesson we will look at some of these effects.
To Prepare for This lesson
1) Review all PowerPoint and video presentations.
2) Follow link to NIDA Website and review drugs of abuse links.
3) Complete reaction paper assignment.

Worlds Most dangerous Drug

NIDA drugs of abuse information

Your Brain On Drugs

The Brain and the Actions of Cocaine, Opiates, and Marijuana

The Adventures of Opie

First assignment
Reaction paper #3 Drugs of abuse

Please choose one drug of abuse that interests you from the NIDA link. Do your own research about this drug and write a 250-word reaction paper. You may want to consider the availability of the drug, who uses the drug, detrimental effects, prevention and or treatments available.


Second assignment
Lesson 10 – Discussion Question

Drugs of abuse are very powerful reinforcers; these drugs will motivate high rates of euphoria. These addictive properties mimic a form of operant conditioning. These conditions allow scientists to study the brain effects of chemicals that provide pleasure to the brain IE: Dopamine, and Opioids.
After reviewing the PowerPoint, watching the video and exploring the NIDA site choose a drug that interests you.
Share your response to the following questions with your peers.
1) How detrimental do you feel the pharmacological effects of this substance are on the brain?
2) How can we as clinicians use this information to enhance clinical strategies to motivate clients to change?

Post your response to the above in the Discussion Board (250 words minimum)


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