How did Clorox get itself into this present situation?

(1) How did Clorox get itself into this present situation?

(2) Of what relevant trends should the Kingsford brand managers be aware?

(3) Why do people grill?

(4) Profile a frequent griller.

(5) Why do people use charcoal versus gas when grilling?

(6) What marketing objectives do you recommend for the Kingsford brand? What is your recommended marketing objective and primary competitive focus? Make sure to explore the following categories:Cooking out vs. Dining In, Grilling vs. Gas and Charcoal.

(7) What is your action plan? Make sure your plan captures the specific aspects of pricing, advertising, promotion and production. What pricing action do you suggest? Would you spend additional money on advertising or promotions? If so, how much and why? What is your core communication message? What are your promotion objectives and tactics?

(8) What should the brand managers propose? How does your plan relate to business objectives relative to market share, profit and brand equity?

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