How do elders’ attitudes differ from young peoples’ attitudes, in each community?

SLOs for Hensel

Be able to identify the traditional activities (subsistence practices) Yupik people still are involved in, and how they differ depending on gender and age.

Hensel states that subsistence activities “are a major focus of time and energy” for Yupik people even if they work full-time. Be able to identify the multiple kinds of activities that are involved in subsistence practices of hunting and fishing.

Be able to explain why subsistence activities also reinforce kinship ties for the Yupik people.

Be able to explain how the Yupik names for the months also reflect traditional subsistence activities.

Be able to identify at least 3 traditional Yupik foods from subsistence hunting or fishing.

Be able to give an example of how Yupik subsistence activities may be linked to geographical features and/or placenames.

Be able to identify one way in which Yupik traditional stories may also underscore the importance of subsistence activities.

Be able to explain how Yupik models of ethnicity are different from Euro-American models, especially given the long history of intermarriage between whites and Yupik people.


Those all I have, you can search online for sure cause you will need more sources.

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