How does one go about answering this question?

In his book This is Marketing, Seth Godin makes the assertion that the “old” marketing is outdated… his view of marketing today is based upon a simple question: Is the job of marketing today the same as it was in the “old days”…. say 1950 to 1990 or so. So, how does one go about answering this question? Where do you look for answers?

Let’s think about some of the attributes of the world back then and how they may be different today. Previously, you can check this with your folks, if you watched television, you had the choice of three networks, ABC, NBC, and ABC and then a bunch of local stations, in New york those might have been channels 5, 9, 11 and 13… In any time slot, say 7 pm to 9pm, research told you that most American families who watched TV were tuned in to one of those networks… And research might have told you something about the demographics of those watching, age, race, gender, socio economic stuff and all that…

So, if you were a marketing person, your job was pretty straight forward… you had a message you wanted to get to an audience, you found out where your audience was hanging out, and you found a way to get in front of them, interrupt what they were watching and provide them with your message… Because you were interrupting what they preferred to watch, you might even want to make your ad somewhat entertaining… funny, musical, something.

Then came the internet! And everything changed…. but what changed… this is your job to explore…

Please write a 2-4 page thoughtful paper exploring your thoughts about in what ways the internet changed the job of marketing… Through your paper, I expect you to think deeply about the tasks of the marketer and how they are challenged by the internet… what is the impact of the internet on the marketers ability to find her audience, is it easier or more difficult … what is the bonding agent on the internet… is it age, socio economic factors… or are people aligned in groups, what Seth might call tribes, based upon different bonds or commonalities.

Please note I AM NOT ASKING THAT YOU SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS, only that you identify and explore them. This means that you are focused two areas: What is the job of marketing and what are the characteristics of the internet as channel of commnication…


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