How Littering Affects the Marine Environment

**Please follow all instructions provided in file**

– The structure is divided into two parts (3000) words max don’t go over please!

part 1: general background on the study (2500) words
part 2: what will be my plan in the dissertation paper: what I will write 8000 words about and what study and how the questioner could be helpful to prove my theory and I want you to imagine what will you do if I assign you to do basically (500) words

– There’s an ideal example provided from the university about how the paper should be done please use it

– My hypothesis is that littering effects the marine environment + if you have any other hypothesis add it it may be helpful

– This paper is general and in the future I’m going more in depth so if your work on this paper is good I will ask you to do the 8000 words honors project + questioner as well


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