How to Raise American Wages


Then write a 500 word (minimum) post on the essay and on what you have learned about writing proposals. In particular, focus on anything that stands out for you, perhaps because it resonates with your own experience or because you find a statement puzzling/interesting. You might consider using the suggestions in numbers 1, 2, and 3 on page 473-474 as a guide, responding to key terms and analyzing the assumptions presented in the essay on the topics of choice and the middle class. Then I want you to dig deeper with the rest of the post on the topic of Organizing the Proposal. In particular, do the Analyze and Write exercise on page 475 and answer the two questions. To get full credit for this post, you must clearly cite the text incorporating key quotes from the essay as you analyze it, meet the minimum word count, post it on time, and reply to at least three classmates and Kevin, adding to the discussion.

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