Human Resource Management-Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Activity one (1) Questions After reading the case scenario, answer the following questions using the format given. For each question, provide three ideas. Do not type the questions.
1. What are the problems involved?
2. What are the causes of the problems?
3. What interactions have already occurred regarding this situation and with whom?
4. Who should be included in the resolution of this problem and why should they be involved?
5. What are the solutions to the problems?
6. What are the advantages of each solution?
7. What are the disadvantages of each solution?
8. What is your final decision regarding how to resolve with this situation (this part should have only one decision) and the facts used to justify that decision (this part should have three points)?
9). The problems involved are:
10) The causes of the problems are:
This the the Senario
Andrea is the office manager of a middle-sized firm and reports to James, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who works directly under Chris, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Andrea’s primary responsibilities include but are not limited to supervising and evaluating a staff of ten administrative assistants, orienting and training new employees, tracking and ordering office supplies, planning and executing business functions, and managing petty cash. Jill has been an administrative assistant for over five years and works only four days a week, taking the fifth day off to work as a guide/lecturer at a science museum. Andrea has been at the company for only three months. Since she is new, she was not responsible originally for delegating major roles to any of the administrative assistants. She is, however, now responsible for delegating daily assignments. She demonstrates her authority in very firm and concise language. Andrea travels a great deal so is dependent on Jill to keep things running in the office while she is away. In addition to taking off one day a week, Jill also tends to work on whatever she wants to do whenever she wants even though Andrea clearly conveyed the specific priorities to her. Previously James had allowed Jill to determine the timeline of a report generation, which is one of the major priorities of her job. Andrea strongly believes that Jill should be forced to work five days a week and get the reports completed by the end of each work day. When Andrea told Jill that she needed to work every day, Jill indicated that her former supervisor, James, had given her permission to work four days. James, who still works at the firm but in a different position, confirmed that fact. Since Jill’s reports were frequently late to Andrea; Andrea’s reports were often late to Chris. Chris had been requesting the statistics every morning because he felt they revealed the progress of the new venture. After Andrea spoke to Jill, she noticed that Jill spent multiple meetings talking with James. When Andrea expressed her opinion regarding this situation to James, he was not supportive because he personally never had any issues with Jill’s performance. Jill was the only person trained within Andrea’s area to manage the complex database. The CEO never really encouraged or discouraged Jill to train other employees to use the database. Jill enjoys the fact that the database is her area of expertise—and she is very good at manipulating the data as required. The only other person in the company who currently can pull data from the database is one of the CEO’s staff and that person travels frequently as well. When Andrea asked Chris if another person could be trained on the database, he told her that she should make that decision. Once the final decision is made, HR needs to contact the legal department to generate any necessary documentation and execute the action.

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