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Career Research Project                                               Research a chosen career using at least three sources including Occupational Outlook as well as  Many fields have professional organization or associations and you may find information by consulting their publications and/or websites.   ·       Your paper must include the following information: ·       Description of the job (What does the job involve? What kinds of responsibilities would you have?) ·       Why did you select this field? ·       How does this job match your aptitude or skills? (You may find it helpful to refer to your career assessment results.) ·       What are the educational and skill requirements? ·       Which geographic regions have the greatest need for chosen career? ·       What are the possibilities you may have to relocate? ·       Salary ranges. (How much money will you make?)   Is there a difference in salaries based on geographic regions?  Think about the differences in the cost of living in areas you might live. Do the salaries take that into account?  ·       Note: The following websites have salary calculators that could be used to find this information. · ·       . ·       Does the salary for the career you chose allow you to live the lifestyle you would like? ·       Is this a field that is growing or declining? How hard are these types of jobs to find? What are the short and long term employment outlooks for your field?  Will you be able to find a job immediately after graduation? ·       If jobs are not available in your field at graduation, what are some other alternatives you could consider? ·       What types of companies or organizations hire for this position? ·       What other related careers could you consider that are similar? ·       The bibliography/sources cited page must be in MLA format. Submit your final draft in a folder with your paper arranged in the sequence listed below ·       Cover page ·       Three-page (3 body pages) minimum report (doubled spaced, typed, 12 point font, New Times Roman) ·       Bibliography/Sources Cited page (Use MLA format).

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