Human Resources Internship

Write a 10-page paper including the following:

The expectations of your Human Resources Internship (job experience) – what the assigned tasks, expected competencies, and what was your span of control (employees you supervised, responsibility for what operations, etc.). Indicate who was your supervisor and if you worked in a team setting or coordinated with other employees to accomplish tasks. What were your expectations about the most important areas of knowledge and skills that would lead to success for this internship?
The next section should deal with what you’ve learned – particularly the skills or ideas that have been most valuable or useful. Indicate general skill (applicable to any finance position) as well as those that are specific to your internship. You should indicate where there are areas of uncertainty or where you might have done things differently (looking at on the experience) or where you might think you could make improvements in your skills, decisions, or attitude toward being a manager or supervisor. Indicate if you think you need further training (or different experiences or exposure in another industry). Be sure to address both technical skills as well as “soft” skills (oral presentations or negotiation skills) or capabilities for innovation.
Indicate how the internship experience has influenced your career path, goals, or expectations. What would you do next – what would you be looking to achieve within the next five years or the next ten years? Are there areas of further training or experiences that might promote your career plans?



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