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Texebook: Human Services In Contemporary America 9th edition William R. Burger.


Learning Activity #2: Potential Issues Response

  • Read Chapter 1 of Berger’s text.
  • Write a one-page response to the following:
  • Identify at least three problems that result in clients’ needs for services (also known as needs of clients) from the readings or outside academic sources.
  • Write a paragraph outlining the client’s needs as a result of these problems, and how you has a human services worker will provide aide.
  • Finally, write a paragraph identifying the problem that you see as the greatest need for the future population that you hope to serve. Identify at least two resources that you will use as a worker, or could provide to clients to aid in finding solutions to this specific issue.

Learning Activity #5: Continually Growing Journal

  • Write a one-page journal where you discuss a problem that you recently faced in your personal or professional life. Evaluate how well you defined the problem, the solving methodology that you used (for example trial and error), as well as how effective your solutions were. Discuss what you could have done or changed to more effectively solve the issue, and what changes this will encourage in future problem solving scenarios.
  • To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed:
  • Explore a problem that you recently faced.
  • Discuss how you defined the problem, strategies you tested to solve the problem, and explore your ultimate solution.
  • Evaluate how effective you were at solving the problem.Discuss how this reflection can be applied to more effective problem solving in the future.

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