Identify three main most important problems in the case.

You are writing this case 9 just like you wrote my last paper in case 8. It’s just a different case you have to read. So the first document is the case that you have to read in detail identifying the protagonist. The second attachment is the case analysis checklist/RUBRIC that you have to follow while writing the paper making sure the paper includes everything on this checklist such Introduction, Problem formulated, Contextual Analysis, Alternative strategies, Recommendation and Rational and Writing. The contextual analysis section will be the meat/most information that you put in this section that’s very important. The third attachment is a Guide to better help you write the case. This is the second rubric that’ll you’ll follow. The fourth attachment is to help you with on how to identify the “KEY PROBLEMS in the case, make sure you identify three main most important problems in the case. if you have any questions just let me know. Make sure within the problem statement to list all 3 issues, you just had one. Also Do not forget your Rationale for your Recommendation • Also remember that you need to make sure your strategy addresses all three problems you list out • Make sure all three of your problems are stated in your Problem Statement/Formulation • You do not need to cite stuff you use from the case just outside resources that you find• Use the facts from the case to justify your points and your suggestions.





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