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For each of the following claims, identify the logical flaw: The election couldn’t have been fair; I don’t know anyone who voted for the winner. It would be wrong to prosecute Allied for age discrimination. Allied has always been a great corporate neighbor. The decrease in smoking can be attributed to increased restrictions on smoking in public. Bill Jensen’s proposal to create an on-site day-care center is just the latest of his harebrained ideas. Since the introduction of cola drinks at the start of the 20th century, cancer has become the 2nd-greatest killer in the U.S. Cola drinks should be banned. If mutual fund guru Peter Lynch recommends the investment, I think we ought to buy it. We should not go into the flash-memory market; we have always been a leading manufacturer of DRAM. The other two hospitals in the city have implemented computerized patient record keeping. I think we should, too. Our Model X500 didn’t succeed because we failed to sell a sufficient number of units. No research has ever established that internet businesses can earn money; they will never succeed.

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