Impact of Obesity on HealthCare Costs


Using the topic you selected and the outline you followed in week 3 assignment, please write a 7-10 page research paper using APA Format. Your research paper must include an extensive explanation and have a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a strong statement that you can support with evidence. The research paper should have a abstract, literature review and discussion (body of the paper addressing the issues listed below), recommendation, a well-defined conclusion, and reference pages. You must use at least 5 resources. Please see the attached template for more information. In your paper, you must address the following: An overview of the issue Why is this issue a concern from a health care economics perspective? Who are the major parties involved in this issue? Which market forces have an impact on this issue? How is demand illustrated in this issue? How is supply illustrated in this issue? How has the affordable care act impacted this issue? How are health disparities demonstrated in this issue? How has this issue been improved in other global markets? What is your recommendation for making improvements based on economic principles. I strongly suggest that, as part of your research, you take advantage of the university’s online library link. There are a wide variety of resources there including many full text papers and articles. Ask the Librarian for help; they will answer your questions and help you find what you need.

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