Implement Fundamental Concepts Using OO Language

Object-oriented Programming (OO)

a) What is object orientation
b) Learn the concept of object
c) Learn the concept of class
d) Benefits of object-orientated programming
Review the concepts in this quick Java lesson:
Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Java Standard

Learn about the Java Language specification by reading the preface and pages 2-7 in the Introduction:
Java Language Specifications
Learn about the Java Language API by watching: The Java API

Program execution error (compile, run time, and logical errors)

Step 3: Write a simple Java program

a) Use NetBeans for Java Development (Development)
b) Create the HelloWorld program
c) Learn Java syntax and program constructs, for example, class, name, main method, reserved words, naming conventions, statements, comments and types, block, match braces, case sensitive, special characters, and common errors.

Program execution error (compile, run time, and logical errors)

Describe your program in Step 3. First, mention the reasoning why you chose NetBeans or Java Development.
Make sure to include key components mentioned in the previous step such as blocks, class, and characters. Your submission should be between 300-500 words long.


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